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Here is a listing of all licenced Canadian Broadcast stations as of 1924. This original document is on display at the Hammond Museum of Radio and contains listing for all Canadian and US Broadcast Stations, Amateur Experimental and Private Receiving licences.

Of local interest is the The News Record now the Kitchener-Waterloo Record was licenced on 295 metres from 39 Cameron Street in Kitchener.

The Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club offers a search utility on its web site to allow searching for any text in this table as well as all Canadian radio Amateurs and US Broadcast stations of record in 1923. Of interest is 3BP licenced to E.S. (Ted) Rogers Sr. who later converted 3BP into Broadcast station 9RB operating on 1030 kcs. This station later became CFRB.

The USA Listing... 312k

CFAC The Calgary Herald Calgary. Alta 430
CFCA Star Publishing and Printing Co Toronto, Ont., 18 King St. W 400
CFCF Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of Canada Montreal, Que., Canada Cement Bldg 440
CFCH Abitibi Power and Paper Co., Ltd Iroquois Falls, Out 400
CFCK Radio Supply Co., Ltd Edmonton, Alta., 10229-101st St 410
CFCL Centennial Methodist Church Victoria, B.C 400
CFCN W. W. Grant Radio, Ltd Calgary, Alta., 708 Crescent Rd. N.W 440
CFCR Laurentide Air Service, Ltd Sudbury, Ont., Nickel Range Hotel 410
CFCU Jack V. Elliott, Ltd Hamilton, Ont. 123 King St. W 410
CFHC Henry Birks and Son, Ltd Calgary, Alta. 712 Rosedale Crescent 440
CFLC Chas. G. Hunter London, Ont., 551 Adelaide St 430
CFQC The Electric Shop, Ltd Saskatoon. Sask., 144 Second Ave., N 400
CFRC Queens University Kingston, Ont 450
CFXC Westminster Trust Co New Westminster, B.C 440
CFYC Victor Wentworth Odlum Vancouver, B.C., 318 Homer St 400
CHBC The Albertan Publishing Co Calgary, Alta., 229-8th Ave., W 410
CHCE Western Canada Radio Supply Ltd Victoria, B.C., 919 Fort St 400
CHCM Riley & McCormack, Limited Calgary, Alta., 712 Rosedale Crescent 440
CHCS The Hamilton Spectator Hamilton, Ont., Spectator Building 410
CHNC Toronto Radio Research Society Toronto, Ont., 46 Lauder Ave 350
CHXC J. R. Booth, Jr Ottawa, Ont., 28 Range Rd 435
CHYC Northern Electric Co., Ltd Montreal. Que., 121 Shearer St 341
CJCA The Edmonton Journal Ltd Edmonton, Alta., Journal Bldg 450
CJCD The T. Eaton Co., Ltd Toronto, Ont., Cor. James and Albert Sts 410
CJCE Sprott-Shaw Radio Co Vancouver, B.C.. Room 1604 Tower Bldg 420
CJCF The News Record Kitchener, Ont., 39 South Cameron St 295
CJCK Radio Corporation of Calgary, Ltd Calgary, Alta., 1371 College Lane 316
CJCM J. L. Phillipe Landry Monti Joli, Que 400
CJGC London Free Press Printing Co., Ltd London, Ont., 430 Richmond St 430
CJSC The Evening Telegram Toronto, Ont., 81 Bay St 430
CKAC La Presse Publishing Co., Ltd Montreal, Que., St. James &.Lawrence Blvd 425
CKCD Vancouver Daily Province Vancouver, B.C., 142 Hastings St., W 410
CKCE Canadian Independent Telephone Co Toronto Ont., Wallace Ave. and Ward St 450
CKCI Le Soleil, Ltd Quebec, Que., Lindsay Bldg., St. John St 295
CKCK Leader Publishing Co., Ltd Regina, Sask 420
CKCO Dr. G. M. Geldert (For Ottawa Radio Assc.) Ottawa Ont., 282 Somerset St. W 400
CKCX P. Burns & Co., Ltd Calgary, Alta., 712 Rosedale Crescent 440
CKLC Wilkinson Electric Co., Ltd Calgary, Alta., 2119 Seventh Ave. N.W 400
CKY Manitoba Telephone System Winnipeg, Man., Sherbrooke St 450
CNRO Canadian National Railways Ottawa, Ont., Jackson Bldg 435

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