Fred was the kind of person
Who valued every day;
Not so much for joy that came to him,
As joy he gave away.

He was the kind of person
Whose prosperity depends
Not so much on what he owned,
As on the wealth of treasured friends.

He knew the way to make each day
Seem more worthwhile,
He seemed to take the sunshine
And wear it in his smile.

He was kind and understanding,
Helpful and sincere;
Ready with a compliment,
Or friendly word of cheer.

He gave with generosity
That never seemed to end,
So to-day we honour him-
The world's great amateur-
our colleague and friend.

73 Fred,

An poem by Brenda Furfaro (xyl of VE3YJ)
used by permission

Your Friends from the Sanderson Hour
3762.5 KHz

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